Sunday, 14 May 2017

project manager certifications in qatar

pmp course in qatar

Green International concentrates on providing skills that empowers you to acquire professional knowledge, implement it, achieve goals, and then interpret those targets achieved to further identify newer opportunities. 

Our Mission

“We are dedicated and committed to providing significant contribution and assistance to all our Clients to achieve their business objectives and targets by providing the best quality, cost effective and professional management training, project management and construction management services.”

Our Vision 

“One of the best professional project management services firms in Asia & Middle East helping our clients minimize the risks inherent in the projects”. 

Why Green International? 

Green International strives to inculcate individual specific, quality training and specialized consulting. We offer customized courses to suit the specific needs of our clients. This helps them to meet their requirements. We further provide the appropriate training, skills and solutions without any compromise on quality. Our biggest advantage and strength is the skill sets of  
pmp course in qatar our Consulting Professionals, who are from a wide range of corporate, industrial and academic backgrounds. This enhances the ability of our consultants/Faculties to understand and provide solutions catering to a wide range of professionals. We endeavor to support our faculties and consultants with dedication in providing top level consulting and training services.

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